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Mobile app collects personal information and causes information to leak

Admin Posted on 2019-06-17

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A questionnaire survey conducted by a magazine in the UK showed that 93.34% of respondents believe that mobile APP has too much personal information collection, and 63.86% of respondents said they did not read the authorization information before installing or using the mobile application. According to the report, many mobile apps have excessively collected and illegally used citizen information during the installation and use process, resulting in the disclosure or even theft of user information, which was used by illegal criminals in some illegal ways.

The mobile phone application market is diversified, and various app programs are emerging one after another, involving all aspects of people's lives. Although it brings great convenience to people's lives, it also poses a serious threat to people's privacy. Most applications require access to user information, such as location, storage, and even access to the user's address book, and excessive collection of user information, which is one of the most important ways of information disclosure today.

In the life, I received all kinds of harassing calls, dozens of spam messages and spam in a day, which seriously affected our normal life. More and more applications collect our personal information, which gives us a wake-up call. In addition, when we connect to public WiFi, it is also possible to disclose important information: hackers may connect to our mobile phone through the network to obtain important information, including property information.

The disclosure of personal information has been irreparable, and the constant harassment and spam of various telemarketers have seriously affected our lives and work. In order to have a better living and working environment, it has become very necessary to have a cell phone jammer, which can solve the telephone harassment that has been plaguing us for a long time. We install one wifi jammer at home or in the office so that we don't have to worry about all kinds of phone harassment when we work or rest.

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