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6 Bands Desktop High Power CDMA GSM DCS PHS 3G 4G WIFI Frequency Jammers

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Power: 15W
Weight: 1750g
Dimensions: 320 x 115 x 55mm

Product Code: EO060601US

Free ShippingOne Year Warranty40 Meters

Price:$330.59 $490.89


The desktop high power jammer has superior interference frequency type and jamming range with total output power of 15W, it designed to eliminate all telephone communications. It allows you to block both CDMA GSM DCS PHS 3G 4G WiFi networks.

It uses two fans and a cooling system with an integrated copper sink to ensure long working hours and stable performance, making it one of the most popular desktop mobile phone jammers today. It is suitable for larger places, including conference rooms, schools, prisons, gas stations, examination halls, etc. The maximum interference radius can reach 40 meters. Within this range, all mobile phones will not be able to communicate properly.

Jamming Frequencies: - WIFI 2.4G : 2400 - 2500MHz
- CDMA : 851 - 894MHz
- GSM : 1920 - 1990MHz
- PHS : 1880 - 1930MHz
- DCS : 1805 - 1990MHz
- 3G : 2110 - 2170MHz
- 4G : 725 - 775MHz / 2300 - 2400MHz

Other Parameters: Total power: 15W
Power supply: AC 110 - 240V / DC 12V
Charging mode: AC adapter
Weight: 1750g
Dimensions: 320 x 115 x 55mm
Warranty: 1 year
Jamming radius: up 40m (Jamming radius depending on the area signal strength)

Packing List: 1 * Desktop wifi phone jammer
1 * AC charger
6 * Antennas

Customer Reviews

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Best jammer for home

Jaukendy Pary 2018-06-16

I think it will have the best table design, the design is very perfect in every detail, and the interference signal types and it is very much in family network, it is family the best signal jammer, I recommend it.

Average rating:

High power jamming

Gorsevnty Alendio 2018-05-28

When I received the desktop jammer, more than I can't wait to test its performance, including the heat dissipation, shielding and radius of interference signal types, its description with a jammer mart store as powerful.