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Along with the advance of network system, mobile phone function also appears has changed, calling and texting GSM network, 3G network can connect to the Internet, 4G networks can watch video, and now, in the 4G network has almost all over the world, the world's major operators and phone companies are actively layout 5G, want to have further development on the network system. Although many national carriers have proposed shutting down GSM spectrum, it is still used in many countries and covers a wider range of areas, such as GSM anti-theft systems, rather than just communications.

Even 3G, 4G signals popularization, 5G signal will be overwritten, but still the GSM is crucial to the mobile communication signal frequency, and the cause for mobile phones harassment and noise is based on GSM network, therefore the GSM jamming device you may need to be used to solve these problems.

GSM network to be replaced by other type of cell phone signals in many countries, the network speed is faster, more aspects of the signal type is used, also caused many problems, the wireless network of monitoring to the family, the infringement of privacy in your life. GPS and cell tower triangulation track you, leaving you with no privacy to speak of. In order to better protect your privacy and prevent such behavior from posing a threat to you, it is necessary to use the multi-function portable WIFI jammer.