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Mobile phone jammer is a device to prevent signal reception or transmission. At present, mobile phone signals in various countries of the world have similar frequencies, mainly including GSM 3G and 4G. The frequency range is mainly as follows: 850-894MHz / 925-960MHz / 1805-1880MHz / 1920-1990MHz / 2110-2170MHz / 2345-2400MHz / 2620-2690MHz / 725-770MHz / 790-825MHz. Usually by creating some kind of interference within the same frequency range that the phone normally USES. Therefore, mobile phone users will lose signal or experience significant loss of signal quality. Cell phone blockers have many benign uses. For example, the military and police often use them to restrict or destroy the safety of hostages. Communications during bomb threats or when military operations continue.

In addition, the security in mobile phones and mobile phones, noise problems such as the growing conditions, use the portable device is necessary, 4G jammers within its scope of work, all these problems will be eliminated. The importance of information security and privacy people's attention, therefore various types of signal jamming device presents the increasing trend, more and more fields need the signal interference device, the classification of mobile equipment has powerful functions, sales of any country in the world, including the United States, Canada, Australia is a country with the largest use.

At the same time, the popularity of unmanned remote control aircraft to people's life, and even the society has brought great, though in many places set up a no-fly zone, but there are still such illegal flight. Drone photography can be a great way to capture the privacy of your life, or it can be a tool for criminals to spy on you. You need to buy one in the drone jammer category to protect your privacy.