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What do you think of GPS? GPS technology has been widely applied in every field of life have been, are used every day in our smart phones have this function, cell phone GPS precision is about 5 meters, which is convenient to determine our position, provide direction for us. This not only gives us convenience, but also brings us some hidden dangers. You must have heard of tracking events, except for GPS trackers, and mobile phones can be the tools we're being tracked.

Tracking events are common in every country in the world, and they violate our privacy. Tracking objects are mostly cars, criminals will tracker installed in your car a concealed locations, it is very difficult to detect, the tracker will be your real time location through a signal frequency transmitted to the control center, so as to realize the purpose of tracking. In order to make you get rid of the tracker, you can use the GPS jammers, it is a special device for GPS satellite signal interference.

Everyone is familiar with the blue dot, but to get the blue dot, you need a location provider, and the location of the need to measure - especially from the WiFi or GPS satellite distance measurement, it might make your position being followed. In addition, the triangle towers are a way for you to be tracked. Mobile devices may be tracking tools, home wireless network also can be used by the criminals, to monitor of your family, so you need to buy wifi jammer is used to your family's privacy protection.