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Portable GSM 3G 4G Cell Jammer Jamming WiFi GPS Blockers Device

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Power: 2.5W
Weight: 500g
Dimensions: 115 x 70 x 25 mm

Product Code: EO05101US

Free ShippingOne Year Warranty20 Meters

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The 5 bands portable GPS jammer aiming at car gps tracking,camera spying for those security Units and individuals to protect their privacy. It not only blocker the all GPS signals but also the mobile phone frequency. It can block a variety of signal frequencies, GSM, 3G, 4G, WIFI, Bluetooth, wireless network camera and wireless alarm system frequency, and you can buy the type of combination you need to block. You do not worry about the whereabouts of being tracked, spy camera candid.Jamming radius up 20 meters.

Jamming Frequencies: - CDMA & GSM : 870 - 960MHz
- PCS : 1930 - 1990MHz
- 3G : 2110 - 2170MHz
- 4G : 725 - 770MHz
- WiFi : 2400 - 2500MHz
- Bluetooth : 2400 - 2480MHz
- Wireless network camera / wireless alarm : 1000 - 1300MHz / 2400 - 2500MHz
- GPS : 1500 - 1600MHz / 1220 - 1230MHz / 1200 - 1210MHz / 1250 - 1280MHz / 1170 - 1180MHz

Other Parameters: Total power: 2.5W
Ambient temperature: - 20℃ - 55 ℃
Relative humidity: 30% - 95%
Power supply: AC 100 - 240V
Weight: 500g
Dimensions: 115 x 70 x 25 mm
Jamming radius: up 20 meters (Depending on the signal strength in your region)

Packing List: 1 * Portable jammer
1 * AC charger
1 * Car charger
5 * Antennas

Customer Reviews

Average rating:

Wonderful Portable Jammer

Ritesh Yadav 2018-05-29

This handheld jamming device is very good. What is most satisfying to me is the portable and easy-to-hide features of this product. It is convenient for me to use it anywhere in the outdoors, and the quality and service of the product are excellent. Thanks to the store for providing a lot of good services.

Average rating:

Beautiful design, excellent texture

Guru Raja 2018-04-26

This is a very good jamming product. For this price, the most important thing is that it has many advantages, there are many interference bands, and I am very fond of it.